Trying to plan a trip like this in every detail is impossible. There are too many variables such as visa agreements and current political situations to know precisely which route I’ll follow before I leave. I have tried to map out a route which, on paper at least, appears possible but I will admit that I haven’t researched every ferry, plane, border crossing, road or trail I’ll take. A lot of the route will be spontaneous, taking advice from locals about the best way and detouring off to visit places I hear about on the way.

The route represented below is based purely on countries and towns or cities I’d like to visit if I can obtain the visas. It covers around 52,000km although we will see how accurate that estimate is when I finish.

Stage 1 European Leg



Countries – 10   |   Approx Distance – 3500km   |   Approx time – 10/12 weeks


I’ll be leaving (and with any luck returning) in April 2017 from my home town in Broadstairs, South East England. From here its a few hour ride following the coast to the port at Dover. The ferry that leaves from here will take me to mainland Europe, docking in Calais, France and on from its decks, will give me my last view of my homeland for a long time as the famous white cliffs of Dover sink into the horizon.

From Calais I’ll start my long journey Eastwards, heading through dunkirk and crossing into Brussels heading for Veurue, Ypres and then onto Brussels. From here, its almost a straight shot East into Germany, going through Maastricht and onto Aachen then towards Berlin to see some friends before heading towards the Czech Republic boarder via Dresden. Once in the Czech Republic its down on into Prague and Brno until i can get to the boarder of Slovakia.

Ill hug the western boarder of Slovakia until i reach Bratislava and then carry on until i can cross into Hungary around the boarder town of Komarno. Once here, I’ll head on down through the country, passing Budapest and look to enter Romania near to Arad. Again, ill be heading down the western side of Romania towards Craiova and Bucharest. From here its onto Bulgaria  via the boarder town of Giurgiu towards the coastal town of Burgas on the eastern edge. Ill head South until i reach my first proper boarder crossing and the first of the countries i need to have a visa for, Turkey.

I’m hoping to enter via the South East corner of Bulgaria and then head on down towards Istanbul where the next leg begins. With luck, i should arrive in istanbul sometime in late June, early July.


Approximate riding distance for each country:

Uk 40km – France 60km – Belguim 280km – Germany 940km – Czech Republic 390km – Slovakia 170km – Hungary 360km – Romania 720km – Bulgaria 320km – Turkey (to Instanbul) 220km

Stage 2 Asian Leg



Countries – 9 | Approx Distance – 14100km | Approx time – 38/40 weeks


From Istanbul I’ll continue East towards Ankara and onto Van in the West of the country making the boarder before winter sets in to avoid the cold and Heavy snow fall of North West Iran. Ill try at cross into Iran via the Kapikoy Boarder Gate and then once through head onwards to Tehran and then turn south towards Isfhan, Shiraz and my departure desitation of Bandar Abbas in the South of Iran. From here ill take a flight onto Mumbai in India and head north towards Indore, Kanpur and Gorakhpur where i hope to be able to find a way into Nepal. Once here, the highlight for me will be to get a glimpse at the Himalyas and Kathmandu before heading East and back into India around Darjeeling. I’ll keep East Until i can find a crossing into Burma where route finding is proving difficult. I hope to go through Mandalay and exit Burma in the East towards Chaing Mai, Thailand. Once in Thailand, visas get a bit more easier to obtain and ill head from the North West corner through Bangkok and South towards Phuket and cross into Malaysia. From here its south again till Singapore and then a boat ride over to Indoniesia where ill keep going until i hit the Lampung region and can cross to Jakarta. Heading south along East Java ill make my way to Bali where ill fly to Perth and the end of my Asia Leg.


Approximate riding distance for each country:

Turkey (from Istanbul) 1900km – Iran 2379km – India 1800km – Nepal 760km – India (part 2) 1100km – Burma 1350km – Thailand 1500km – Malaysia 850km – Indonesia 2500km

Stage 3 – Australia and New Zealand



Countries – 2 | Approx Distance – 5490km | Approx time – 15/20 weeks


After leaving Denpasar in Baliand landing in Perth, Western Australia ill head south to see friends in the Margaret River Region. From here ill follow the south west and then south coasts passed Esperance, across the Nullabor and into Adelaide before finally leaving Australia from Melbourne. Ive spent a little over two years living in Australia and the south is one of the few areas i have left that i really havent seen to much of. Seeing it by bike will be amazing. From Melbourne, I’ll head by plane to Invercargill on the south island Of New Zealand before heading up the country onto on the North island, through Wellington, Rotorua and on to Auckland where a plane will take me to South America.


Approximate riding distance for each country:

Australia 3690km – New Zealand 1800km

Stage 4 – South America



Countries – 6 | Approx Distance – 13,000km | Approx Time – 20/25 weeks


Landing at Punta Arenas at the southern tip of South America and spend the next few weeks crossing betwen Argentina and chile heading towards Santiago and on up into Bolivia. Ill come up through Bolivia passing La Paz and on into Peru. Ill head to Cusco and then West following the coast through Lima District and up into Ecuador where ill pass through Guayaguil and Quito until the boarder with Colombia. Through Colombia it will north all the way as i pass through Bogota and up to Cartagena where ill get a boat or plane across to Panama where the South America leg will end.


Approximate riding distance for each country:

Argentina/Chile 5000km – Bolivia 2100km – Peru 2700km – Ecuador 1100km – Colombia 2000km

Stage 5 North America and Canada



Countries – 8 | Approx Distance – 14850km | Approx Time – 45/50 weeks


Once i get into Panama City it’ll be north again for a long while. On leaving Panama City ill head towards Boquete and the Costa Rica boarder and on up to San Jose. From here head west to the coast and up to the Nicaragua boarder, entering teh country at the south west corner. Following the coast up, I’ll pass through Managua and Leon before heading East to esteli and on to the boarder crossing into Honduras. I’d like to enter near the town of Choluteca and head towards the capital of Tegucigalpa and then onto Guatemala via a crossing near the town of Copan Ruinas. Once in Guatemala, ill head to the capital and north west to the boarder with Mexico. From here it will be onto Mexico City and Durango before following the west coast up to Tijuana, my crossing point into America. Once in the USA, ill pass through San diedo, Los Angeles, through California stopping off at yosemite national park, up to Portland and Seattle before crossing the Canadian boarder into Vancouver. From here, ill turn East again and head to Calgary and on as far as winnipeg. Depending on my visa limits, i’ll either re enter America here or carry on until Ottawa. Either way ill make my way through North East of America before getting to New York and a plane over to Portugal.


Approximate riding distance for each country:

Panama 500km – Costa Rica 600km – Nicaragua 500km – Honduras 650km – Guatemala 600km – Mexico 4500km – USA 2400km – Canada – 2500km – USA (part 2) 2600km

Stage 6 European Leg



Countries – 4 | Approx Distance – 2600km | Approx Time – 8/10 weeks


Touching down in Lisbon ill be on the final stretch through Europe back to the Uk. Ill leave Lisbon and head north up the country through Coimbra and Porto crosing the boarder into Spain close to Vigo. From here ill follow the coast around to Bilbao and East to boarder with France where I’ll cross the Pyrenees heading for Bordeaux, Tours to see friends and finally arriving back in Calais for the ferry to the Uk, where a short ride will bring me back to Broadstairs, my starting point.


Approximate riding distance for each country:

Portugal 450km – Spain 900km – France 1150km – UK 40km

Trip at a glance:


35 Countries
5 Continents
4 years to complete