The Route – Australia to New Zealand

So with Europe and Asia behind me, I’ll be approximately 18,000km into the trip: not even half way. That milestone won’t come until I’ve landed in South America in a few months’ time.
As I mentioned in my last post about planning Asia, I’ll be leaving for Australia from Jakarta in Indonesia. If I manage to stay on track then I’ll be arriving in Australia either at the beginning or middle of July. It’ll be winter at that time and given that I’ll be in the south of the country for most of the trip, it should help with the heat. When I touch down in Perth, I’ll head south to visit friends in Margaret River and then follow the coast for some 3,500km until I reach Melbourne.

I spent two years traveling Australia and the south was one of the parts I only spent a small amount of time in so I’m looking forward to crossing the Nullabor and seeing the coastline. I’ll have three months to cover the distance, meaning a minimum of 60km a day and very limited rest stops. I predict my daily distance to be greater than 60 km but if I find I’m running out of time then I can always leave Australia via Adelaide, a good 900km before Melbourne. With luck, I’ll make Melbourne within the three months and from there I’ll catch a flight to Invercargill, on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island around October, 2018.

New Zealand grants me a six-month visa on arrival, far longer than I need to travel the roughly 1,800km to Auckland. Being able to stay in New Zealand for longer than I need to will actually work in my favour. If I find I am behind or in front of my schedule, I can hang back in New Zealand and ensure that by the time I catch my flight for South America, I will be landing in favourable weather. The only sticking point to this plan is that New Zealand Immigration requires me to have a proof of onward travel, so I need to have my ticket out booked before I can enter. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue, it just means doing all my research on when to leave New Zealand and have everything booked while I’m still in Australia. Based on my best guess, I should arrive in New Zealand around October, 2018, so I will be able to stay until sometime in April, 2019. Currently, the best time for me to leave will be sometime in January or February to get the best temperatures for southern Chile.

So by early 2019, I’ll be in South America with about half the route behind me but with the longest unbroken land stretch and some of the toughest riding still awaiting me.

Edited By – Emer Garry


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